RhoMobile + jQuery Mobile

I was almost going to scratch the idea of using RhoMobile for development and sticking just to MoSync for future application development.

I already had prior experience with C++, so why bother learning Ruby on Rails?

But, long behold, I realized that jQuery Mobile can actually be integrated into RhoMobile projects.

RhoMobile, if you don’t already know, is a true cross platform SDK which integrates Ruby on Rails with HTML.

Now it may seem funny me transitioning into Ruby on Rails. Another OOP language as opposed to C++.

But, I see much more potential in this. As I didn’t like the Moblet interface MoSync had, regardless though, MoSync is something I will definetly dive into later for Game Development (and 3D game development once mobile OSes can actually support a decent 3D game).

RhoMobile on the otherhand is actually quite commonly used to develop enterprise mobile applications: http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhodes/application

Looking through all the documentation, I am pretty impressed by the development process. It concise and easy.

Also, I really like how Ruby on Rails works. Since this is the first time I will be touching the language. I REALLY like how every variable is treated like an object.

This comes in handy in scenarios such as:

Declaring a string literal:

variable = “example”

puts variable.length

The case also holds true for a string:

puts “example”.length

Now, it may not seem like much for now. But treating all variables as objects can come super handy, and, is a feature not implemented in C++. 

Anyway, I’m going to dive into RhoMobile and see if I can make magic happen.

The Rails framework does simplify things greatly in comparison to PHP, so that’s another handy feature as well.

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